Metaphysical Learning Center

 Metaphysical Universal Ministries
Allentown, Pennsylvania


Our Principles

  1.  That we are in accordance with the Universal Power, The Father-Mother God Aspect, Jesus the Christ and all Ascended Masters in teaching of Truth and Universal Love.

  2. Phenomena of all types, which occur within the realm of all nature, whether of spiritual or physical nature, are manifestations of intelligence.

  3. Religion in truth is God's Natural Law working in harmony there with what we believe.

  4. Existence, self-personal identity and memory do continue after transitional experience of life on the Earth Realm.

  5. Communication with Living Spirit is a proven scientific fact by the Laws of Natural Phenomena and Para-physical research.

  6. Father-Mother God Law, "Being to others what we would be to ourselves."

  7. We are individuals responsible both morally and spiritually for our own life and happiness.

  8. Improvement and reformation of Spirit and Soul are not only possible in our world but also in the spirit world.

  9. Universal Prophecy is always and will be part of the Holy Bible and other holy manuscripts.

  10. That Universal Spirit is in accordance with the Divine Wisdom making it possible for the progression of the Soul of Internal Truth.

  11. That in order to reach the Divine Source, we must be still, to know and love ourselves.

Metaphysical Universal Ministry LogoMUM's Mission Statement

To teach, demonstrate and promote Metaphysical and Spiritual Laws, both at home and throughout the world. To create an atmosphere of understanding and tolerance for all Religious beliefs and forms of worship, seeking the Light of Creation, while fully recognizing we are all brothers and sisters in the eyes of the God Force.